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 Qinhuangdao Ocean Food CO.,LTD.formerly known as the Chinese people’s Liberation Army No.4003 factory, was founded in1960,is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qinhuangdao, Originally belonging to the navy logistics department, the company is the only one collection of r&d,production,sales in the integration of large-scale comprehensive food processing enterprises.

 For decades, developed by this company and cooperates with troops developed hundreds of military food, and many times obtain the army honor and progress prize in science and technology. So far has been for the military production of various kinds of canned, compressed food for the army, Since the hot food, instant food, all kinds of field food 365000 tons, Products export and domestic sales of 158000 tons.

Our company have provided a large number of high-quality military food for the Tangshan earthquake of 1976, Vietnam's defensive counter-attack,fighting a flood of 1998,wenchuan earthquake of 2008,Chinese peacekeeping troops and engineering units and Jiuzhaigou earthquake of 2017. Made a major contribution for the army's logistical support.

The older generation of state leaders, comrade Zhu De, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, comrade Yang Shangkun and other state and military leaders have repeatedly visited the factory.

In 2001, the company actively response to the relevant national policies, Accept the jurisdiction of the local government , And in May 2010 , Built a modern production base In northern industrial park of Qinhuangdao , The main production of various kinds of canned food, compressed food, since the hot food, instant food, soup products and so on six big classes, ten series, more than 100 varieties, annual production capacity of 20000 tons.

Our enterprises have been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent technical services, have established a sound quality management system, and have been through the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

 To further enhance the level of enterprise management and service quality, to meet the rapid expansion of business needs, our enterprises through the HACCP food safety system, ISO22000 food safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, getting a big step forward on standardization lever, so that our enterprises can be more competitive in the same line.

Production of high quality food Meet the needs of the army

Yang Shang kun

The inscription of handwriting of vice chairman Yang Shang kun


In July 26, 1985, the Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Yang Shangkun accompanied by the general logistics department minister Hong Xuezhi, navy commander Liu Huaqing and other leaders to the factory inspection, made important instructions for the factory production and management work, and is pleased to inscription.



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